Adult Colouring Books and More

  • Andrew R Wilson


Relax and unwind with my Adult Colouring Books, Notebooks and Blank Music Manuscripts. They have beautiful covers crafted by hand using prompts from the AI world of MidJourney. You can find a variety of Books and more my collection.

Colouring books for adults have become extremely popular as a method of stress relief and taking you out of yourself. They are a creative and simple way to chill and unwind.

As a person with a technical background I bring a unique perspective to colouring books and enjoy being a colourist myself.

So, kick back and enjoy pushing your creative talent with my colouring books or practice your writing talent with one of my notebooks with beautiful covers. 200 pages with page numbers and a date field and 4 index pages to keep track of your work.

Or maybe you are more musical and want to doodle out your ear worms with one of my Blank Music Manuscript. With 160 pages and 13 staves per page, they give you plenty of scope to plot out your latest themes and Leitmotifs or your latest idea for a pop song.

Alternatively, just enjoy my galleries and showcases of my work in MidJourney.

My books and more

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