Blank Music Manuscript

Blank Music Manuscript – 3 Beautiful Covers – 13 Staves per Page

A4 notebooks of blank Music Manuscript. Ideal for teaching school kids about musical notation, A whopping 160 pages and 13 staves per page, and for £4.99. Allows for lots of doodling and making mistakes when children are learning.

It can be used by college students and professionals alike. Everyone can use a handy notepad, with 160 blank pages and 13 staffs per page, to take notes (pun intended) when ideas hit you.

I also create notebooks and Adult Colouring Books.

The covers

These books have elegant and glossy, collectable covers featuring a musical instruments in an Edwardian Paris drawing room. The beautiful artwork was created using hand-crafted prompts in the AI world of MidJourney. There are a number of these notebooks with different gorgeous covers to collect.