Old Edinburgh

Old Edinburgh descending into fantasy

Watch Old Edinburgh descend further and further into a fantastical wonderland.

To create a fantastical scene using MidJourney, I started by using the original image of Old Edinburgh as the image prompt. In MidJourney, I created the text part of the prompt by using a parameter I created called –OldEdinburgh. This prompt became the basis for the repeating this process using the resulting image as the next image prompt.

The –OldEdinburgh parameter is a mixture of artistic styles that create an image that is a little “shonky”, cartoon-like and somewhat fantastical. The images it creates remind me of the Edinburgh Old Town, thus the name.

With each iteration a more fantastical atmosphere was created, but still retained the essence of Old Edinburgh. The resulting image was completely fantastical. Many of my other MidJourney Galleries can be seen here.

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